Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan Implementation

A three-year implementation program for a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan was developed for a large industrial manufacturing site.  This site was situated on a forty-five acre tract of land.

This project required mitigating non-point source run-off from a former powerhouse operation.  Coal fines and ash residuals were distributed extensively over a significant portion of the site due to historical management practices.  Fugitive run-off issues made compliance with the existing storm water permit impractical.  

After assessing a variety of alternatives, a remedial plan was implemented.  Coal fines and ash were excavated and disposed in a landfill.  Surface topography was reconstructed to minimize run-off and create controlled drainage pathways.  Excavated materials were replaced with low mobility material with a surface finish of graded riprap and grass.  A new storm drainage system was installed including swales and run-off barriers that were constructed to minimize erosion. 

Management practices were employed to prevent sediment tracking on paved areas of the property.  Maintenance procedures were implemented to reduce and control fugitive sediment and particulate material from other operations on the property including manufacturing operations. 
Revised permit applications were filed based on the new drainage control and sediment management procedures. All SWPPP requirements were implemented and consistent compliance has been maintained.