Regulatory Negotiation

Farm Service Company

An OSHA inspection was conducted as a result of a very serious accident at a chemical farm service company.  In response to OSHA’s inspection, the company requested SES’s regulatory negotiation and abatement services.

Prior to the company receiving safety compliance orders and citations from OSHA, SES personnel created written safety programs and completed all required OSHA training; thus, bringing “good-faith” to the negotiation process.

SES represented the company in OSHA negotiations and reduced fines from $25,000 to less than $3,000.  This client remains one of SES’ Compliance Partners and continuously strives to maintain a safe work environment.

Gasket Manufacturer

SES personnel had recently assisted a gasket manufacturer with a machine guarding assessment, and provided a proposal for bi-annual safety training for all employees.  Before the gasket manufacturer could review the proposal and accept services, an OSHA inspector visited the facility.  The client quickly called SES and SES personnel walked the employee through a quick “what to do” conversation for hosting an OSHA inspector.

Post inspection, SES personnel reviewed OSHA comments and prepared a follow-up list with the client for the OSHA negotiation.  As a result of phone conference with OSHA, the gasket manufacturer sent two employees through OSHA 10 Hour training and trained all current employees according to their safety programs, but avoided OSHA fines.