Pollution prevention is at the core of any proactive environmental management system and our senior engineers and scientists have the unique and necessary skills to tackle the most challenging projects. SES is particularly proud of our industrial water assessment program – WP4, developed over a six year period to assist our clients with water preservation and pollution prevention initiatives. 

  • Storm Water Management and Best Management Practice Engineering
  • Wastewater Reuse, Recycling, Reduction Initiatives
  • Wastewater Treatment Optimization
  • Wastewater Batch, Test, Release Programs
  • Solid Waste Management, Reduction, and Recycling Programs
  • Environmental Management System Development
  • ISO 14000 Program Management

Water Preservation and Pollution Prevention Program (WP4)

  • Ultrasonic Flow Monitoring
  • Facility-Wide Water Flow Balance
  • Pollutant Source Characterization
  • Water Process Diagram
  • Sewer Camera Inspection
  • Discharge Sampling
  • CAD Facility Sewer Mapping Updates
  • Water Reduction Evaluations